Media planning

Cross-media or single channel

We support you in planning and implementing your direct marketing campaigns. It does not matter for us whether you are advertising cross-media via several channels or fully rely e.g. on addressed direct mailings. We submit individual proposals based on your individual requirements and budget.

Standalone email
Because of the growing demand for directly approaching prospects via online media, standalone email campaigns are increasingly popular with our clients. They are thus also representing an absolute growth area for d2m.


This medium provides the following benefits:

Fast implementation, near-term evaluation of results, cost efficiency, testing of several creatives and optional subject lines.


But available potentials and selections are limited compared to postal databases. This is the case in Germany and many other countries due to the legal opt-in obligation. In consequence you will only reach parts of your target group by relying solely on email marketing.


When booking via d2m we also support you with our partners for these further services influencing the success of email campaigns: design and programming of the email creative, optimisation of subject lines and spam filter checks.

Integrated newsletter ads

Not all portals are offering the opportunity to address their recipients or subscribers by standalone emails. As an option they might offer integrated ads in the editorial context of their email newsletters. As advertiser you will not enjoy exclusive attention, but advertising costs will be lower.


Display advertising
Should newsletter ads also be unavailable to contact your target group or coverage be insufficient, display ads on external websites e.g. via banners in various formats, text links, videos etc. can be a further option.