Data services

Intelligent data optimisation with d2m

"Data will be the new gold" can be heard over and over and Big Data is trending. Nevertheless many companies are ignoring this capital. Databases which are not cleaned and updated regularly will result in high costs, suboptimal marketing decisions and a poor image for the company. We support your database optimisation processes and are partnering with the best suppliers for your needs, depending on your target group in b2b or b2c.

Data preparation and data analysis

As a first step after input, your database will be formatted. Next should be a postal validation to identify e.g. incorrect spellings of address elements, outdated names of streets and towns or wrong postcodes. Then follows the merge-purge to identify duplicates within the file and avoid multiple mailings to the same recipient.


Data update and data cleaning

Set the conditions for a better deliverability of your mailings. Each year over 10% of citizens are moving and in more than 20% of businesses at least one relevant criterion changes.

Clean up your database from movers, deceased persons or insolvent companies. Eliminate recipients you would not want as customers, as they e.g. would most likely not pay your invoices.


Through partnerships we offer access to various products for consumer intelligent address management & cleaning in Germany and other European markets.