The d2m philosophy

We act on a maxim of working with customers on a permanent basis. The high ratio of long-term, loyal customers is both confirmation and at the same time motivation to continue working that way. We achieve this by working based on the following key words every day:

customized | We will not submit you any standardized solutions. Your briefing defines the services offered individually to you - for small or large budgets.


independent | Our offer is solely oriented to the demand of our clients. We are neither media or data owner nor committed to any supplier.


flexible | On demand we use our network of experienced experts and freelancers in adjacent service areas (creation, lettershop, call centre, data privacy experts etc.).

proactive | We constantly observe the markets for our clients and proactively inform on relevant changes and current trends. So you can quickly identify new opportunities as well as risks.


open | We are not sugar-coating things. If we are not considering your ideas as promising or practicable, we will express our view.